Ghana’s Progressive Automotive Policy is already reaping rewards according to the AAAM

Speaking at the recent announcement by Nissan to commence vehicle production in Ghana, David Coffey the CEO of the African Association of Automotive Manufacturers (AAAM) commended the Ghanaian government for implementing their progressive automotive policy, which makes it attractive for automotive manufacturers to invest in local auto assembly, which will progress as demand grows to complex manufacturing with locally sourced components to support full CKD. Nissan’s announcement follows Volkswagen and Toyota with Volkswagen already assembling vehicles in Ghana.

Whilst in Ghana, Coffey met potential component manufacturers that were identified with capability in the fields of metal forming, rubber and plastic forming as well as CNC machining. “The objective of this work was to potentially partner these non- automotive manufacturers with current OEM component manufacturers in order to develop their capability to manufacture products, initially for supply to the aftermarket, and then to the assemblers as the volumes grow. With the appointment of Eugene Sangmortey as the AAAM VDA project Manager based in Accra, the drive to develop component manufacturing in Ghana will gain traction” said Coffey.